Types of Remote Control Airplanes

Remote control which operates your television set or the DVD player was developed during the past four decades. Until around 1970 it was not widely used though the first remote controlled model aero plane was flown as early as 1932. This technology was used during the Second World War but it had to be developed for civilian use.

The remote control uses an infra red beam to give rolling code transmitter a signal to a receiving unit located in the television DVD player or your game console. The remote controller is developed at such a rate now it is being used for to operate each and every piece of electronic equipment. Due to its low cost of manufacture even the cheap toys use remote controllers.

The early remote controllers were attempted by various scientists using different techniques. One was the remote manufactured by the Zenith Radio of the United States. It had a wire. Later trying to get rid of the wire they tried to use a light beam to operate the radio. A plate was used to receive the light while the light was given by a light source kept with the operator. This failed because the plate in the radio set started to respond to other lights when light from any other light source fell on it. The entire effort had to be abandoned due to this failure. This was in 1950.

With the invention of the transistor the remote controller improved immensely and companies came out with developed instruments. Further improvements were made during the last decade and now the remote control could carry out any operation.

This highly improved instrument which was developed by the concerted efforts of the scientists is used for the wrong purposes too. Terrorists use this instrument to detonate hidden explosive devices. If used for the betterment of the society, the remote control is one of the most useful inventions.