How Might the DV Lottery Result be Declared?

The DV Lottery Result is reported yearly by the Kentucky Consular Center (KCC) as it were. No other association or organization is approved to announce the outcomes to the chose individuals in the DV lottery program.

The KCC chooses the champs through a PC that does the determination haphazardly for the monetary year program. Prior, they used to declare the DV lottery result by customary postal mail between the long periods of May and July consistently. During the 2010 financial year program, they did a test case program which empowered candidates to check the outcomes online through their web-based site This aided all candidates know whether or not they are chosen for additional handling.

They proceeded with the triumphant warning through post for the chose  data hk  victors and the internet based status check office for the 2011 financial year program as well.

Observing the web-based status check office an effective one in declaring the chose victors, the State Department chose to scratch the postal winning warnings sending process during the DV 2012 program. All the DV 2012 candidates were needed to hold their affirmation number in the wake of presenting their entrances during the section accommodation period. Candidates will be permitted to check their status in the authority site with their affirmation number and other individual subtleties. It was concluded the DV lottery result for 2012 won’t be shipped off the chose candidates exclusively. The champs won’t get any notice through postal mail, email, fax or telephone. On the off chance that anybody gets a triumphant notice through any of these ways, it very well might be a phony one.

The DV Lottery Result Process

Consistently, when the electronic passage accommodation is finished, the authority site will quit tolerating sections for that specific financial year. The PCs will begin to haphazardly choose champs from the legitimate sections area astute.

Every section will be given with a case number for each the financial year and the candidate’s introduction to the world country’s topographical area. In case a candidate from Nigeria is chosen for the 2011 program, his case number for the DV 2011 will be 2011AF0000xxx12345. All chose people are educated that they ought not continue further with the green card lottery program in case they don’t have the necessary training/work insight, which are the key qualification prerequisites. Additionally guarantee to keep your affirmation number protected as there could be no alternate method for actually taking a look at the outcomes.

One more perspective to remember is that being chosen for the program won’t give the candidate, the American Government’s outsider visas immediately. Being chosen just allows them an opportunity to apply for the migration visa by paying the necessary worker visa expenses and the variety visa handling charges. The whole charge around will be $819 for a person. Other qualified relatives ought to likewise pay a similar visa charges for every one of them whether or not they are joining the essential candidate to the USA. The visa expenses won’t be discounted in case the visa is dismissed for reasons unknown.

The fitting visa charges ought to be paid ONLY to the US Embassy or Consular office on the date of the meeting. Recall not to send the expenses by bank or through some other association.

The DV 2012 application structure demands the candidate’s email address. However the KCC won’t send the victor choice through the email, later on, subsequent to wining the green card lottery the people who had been chosen will be reached through their email addresses for additional correspondence while their case is being handled.