First Communion Saint Hubert Medals Are Perfect

If you have a First Communion in the near future then your life is likely a flurry of preparations, and we feel for you. However, there is an important part of the first holy communion ceremony that you don’t want to miss. First Communion medals are an integral part of your coming-of-age party and you’ll want to choose wisely.

There are quite a variety of First Holy Communion St. Hubert Medallion medals that are available, from beautiful medals made of gold or white gold, or silver 1st Communion medals to all sorts of other materials. Many have the words First Communion or First Holy Communion inscribed on them. You can also get your child’s name inscribed on the medal.

When looking at religious medals you’ll want to make sure that you are getting quality. This is something that represents your child’s introduction into the Body of Christ and it should be something that they will treasure, and that will not wear over time. This is why gold and silver are so popular among these types of First Communion jewelry.
The tradition of giving medals for First Communion celebrations can be traced back to the middle ages and is a wonderful tradition as Catholic medals are something that your child can wear to remind him or her at all times of their relationship with Christ, and their responsibility as a member of His Church.

When choosing 1st Holy Communion Saint Hubert medals there are some important things to keep in mind. This type of Catholic Jewelry comes in a variety of materials, we’ve already discussed that, but there are a few others things to look for when choosing First Communion medals. If you are shopping at a Catholic Bookstore, or online at a Catholic website, then much of the work may have been done for you.

However, some other stores and websites sell Catholic Saint Hubert Medals, and these may not be the right quality, or they may not be worth the price that is being charged. One thing to keep in mind is how many carats the gold is, and this will determine the price of the medal. First Communion medals from some places may be only gold plated, but may cost almost as much as a fourteen carat gold piece.

This is an item that you’ll want to keep safe and nice, so the First Communion medal should come with a case and a chain. The chain should be sturdy with a good clasp so that the medal will not get lost accidentally, and the case should be decorative and made to display the medal in case your child wants to put it on a shelf or desk.

First Communion medals are a terrific way to celebrate this event and make it memorable by providing a keepsake that your child will treasure among their most prized possessions. They will remember their 1st Communion for the rest of their life with a keepsake such as this, and by doing so, remember their commitment to Christ upon the time of the 1st Holy Communion.