Both benefits and drawbacks to borrowing money from family

Most people experience financial hardship at some point in their lives, which may lead them to think about borrowing money from family to get by. This frequently occurs when the person encounters unforeseen circumstances like losing their job, incurring unexpected medical expenses, or having their car break down.

During the holidays, people who are struggling to pay their bills will frequently ask their loved ones for help. In a similar vein, “back to school” unquestionably increases parental pressure. Given the rising cost of living and inflation, more families are currently experiencing financial hardship.

Versatile Options

Entrepreneurs and people with bad credit may find it difficult to get a loan through conventional channels. One advantage of borrowing money from family and friends is that you won’t need to go through the same financial hoops to get approved. Friends and family frequently lend to you in situations where banks wouldn’t because they want to see you succeed.

credit not checked

Unlike lenders who are good at personal loan in ang mo kio, your family won’t check your credit to decide whether or not to lend to you. With bad credit, it will probably be much simpler to obtain a loan from your parents.


Additional pocket cash

Borrowing money from friends or family members has an added benefit. In other words, if they notice that you are in a desperate financial situation, they very well might lend you more money before the first loan term is up. You must repay the initial loan before you can borrow money from the same bank or lending institution again, which is practically unheard of.

Interest Earnings

Your interest payment ensures that the bank or credit union will make money when you borrow money. If you take out a loan from a relative, the interest payments will go to a close relative rather than an organization. A family member with a sizable cash reserve might be content to receive a reasonable rate of return on his investment. Investors may receive higher returns from intra-family loans than they would from CDs and bonds.



We’ve all had to borrow money from or lend it to loved ones at some point. The second thought that comes to mind is borrowing money from family or friends if one is unable to obtain a loan from a banking institution. If handled properly, family loans can benefit both parties. However, problems with strained relationships, uncomfortable circumstances, and misunderstandings could occur.